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When It Comes To Music, You Never Know What's Going To Be Popular

What do the majority of music aficionados search out when it comes to musical genres? What CDs achieve the highest sales results? What is the dominant style of music heard on the airwaves and on the dance floors around the world today? The answer is popular, or pop, music. While jazz, classical, polka, reggae and the like have their loyal followers, no group commands the audience that popular music does.

In general, popular music is any music that's accessible to the public through mass-marketing means and appeals to the broadest spectrum of listeners. The number of recording sales an artist achieves is a measure of popularity, as is the amount of airplay an artist receives. Therefore, artists and their music are popular by virtue of the vastness of their audience.

Popular music is not one particular genre. Songs that are on the pop music charts (which measure success) can be any genre. A top 40 list of current popular songs may include, rap, hip-hop, country and rock songs. In the early 1960s, when rock-'n-roll was the hot thing on radio, a catchy jazz tune called Take 5, by the Dave Brubeck Quartet climbed the charts and became a hit. Conventional wisdom at the time couldn't predict this, but it was what the public wanted to hear. Therefore, this quirky jazz tune was popular music.

The varieties of music commonly seen under the popular music umbrella today are soft rock, hard rock, country, hip-hop, rap and ballad-type film and Broadway music. The latter two often become popular due to the boost they receive from their visual media. Think of how popular the ballad "My Heart Will Go On" became because of the 1997 film "Titanic."

Trends in popular music today are toward vibrant, energetic dance music, superstar artist duets and tribute albums. Recent years have seen crossover albums become popular. This is where a popular artist in one genre, for example country, ventures over to another genre, like rock.

Another trend in popular music is toward elaborate stage productions for artist shows. Consider the production values of Celine Dion's recently ended show in Las Vegas. Christina Aguilera's recent Back to Basics tour resembled an elaborate Broadway production, complete with circus performers. This is the trend: big, brash and bold, with stunning visuals accompanying the popular music.

Any music listened to by the majority is, by definition, popular. However, some achieve levels unheard of in the past due to today's ultra-fast dissemination methods. At no other time in history has so much music reached so many people in such a short time. With computers, the Internet, cell phones and other technology, a song can achieve popularity fast.

This is great for independent musicians who have no record company contract yet to promote their work. Through the social networking capabilities of the Internet, the word can get out about their work. In an inexpensive manner, they can find listeners and become very popular. This kind of viral marketing can make a lesser-known musician a pop star almost overnight.

In previous decades different styles of music achieved the status of "popular" because of television. From the 1950s on, TV variety shows were a valuable tool for record companies to display their artists. Think of "The Ed Sullivan Show," "The Dean Martin Show," and others that combined music, dance and comedy to entertain America. Many music artists achieved their popularity due to the power of television.

The popular music field has room for songs of many styles. As Dave Brubeck proved, you never know what the public will choose to make popular. In any given year there are always surprises, remember the song "Who Let the Dogs Out"? So, there you go. Sit down at that piano and compose away. You just never know.


History of Beyonce's Music Career

Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born September 4th, 1981 in Houston, Texas to Matthew and Tina Knowles as the first born of two girls. Before she reached the age of seven she was singing and showing signs of great talent. When she was seven, she was already attending dance school and was a soloist in the church choir.

By the time she reached her teen years, any spare time she could find was spent with her childhood pals, LaTayia Roberson, Kelly Rowland and LeToya Luckett, performing at local functions. The girls, then known as "Girl's Tyme" tried their luck at Star Search but did not make the cut. Beyonce's Dad gave up his good paying job in order to devote his time promoting the band. To this day Matthew Knowles manages his daughter's career.

After trying a few different names, the girls settled on Destiny's Child. The musical debut for the group was the song "Killing Time", which appeared on the soundtrack for the "Men in Black" movie, released in 1997. A year later, they had number one single with the song, "No,No,No, Part 2." The quartet became a trio later on that same year with the departure of LeToya and LaTayia, who decided to pursue individual careers. Destiny's Child continued onwards and became one of the top R&B/Pop groups in 2000 accumulating four Billboard Hot 100 number one singles and numerous top ten hits, as well as two albums that went to number one.

The group's second album continued with great success with tracks like "Say My Name," "Jumpin Jumpin," and the very successful "Bug A Boo." In the 2001, two Grammy awards were given to "Say My Name". They followed up with a third album, "Survivor," which produced such hits as the title track as well as "Bootylicious". The group decided to disband by 2005 but had at that time proven themselves as one of the top selling female groups in music history.

Beyonce had proven her worth and skills as a songwriter. She won the 2001 Songwriter of the Year, awarded by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers Pop Music Awards. This made her the first African-American woman to win the award and only the second woman to win. She also spent a bit of time working on solo projects which at first was not as successful as the projects with the trio, but she was not easily discouraged.

When she finally released her solo debut album, "Dangerously in Love", it went right to the top selling over 300,000 copies in just the first week and went platinum 3 weeks later, in June of 2003. The single from the album,"Crazy in Love" topped the charts and stayed there for over 8 weeks. Later that same year her album and the single topped the charts at the same time which put her on the same level as such musical wonders as The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and Rod Stewart. She was and still is the only female artist to have accomplished this feat. This helped make Beyonce one of the biggest artists in both sales and popularity for 2003.

In 2004 she won five Grammy Awards. On the Destiny's Child album released in 2005, Beyonce released a song called "Check on It," which was used on the soundtrack of "The Pink Panther Movie," released in 2006.

In correspondence with her 25th birthday, she released a second album called "B'day," which sold more than her first solo album, with 541,000 copies sold in the first week after release. The lead single from the album, "Deja Vu," became a number one hit on the US R&B charts.

Not only has Beyonce had success in music, but also on the movie screen. She may be best known for the character Foxy Cleopatra in the 2002 summer movie, "Austin Powers in Goldmember" along side Michael Caine and Mike Myers. In 2003 she appeared beside Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie "The Fighting Temptations". In 2006, she got chance to pay homage to Diana Ross in a movie based on a Broadway musical depicting the lives of the Supremes. Beyonce showed off her incredible acting skills, playing the part of Ms. Ross in the Movie titled, "Dreamgirls", which opened with first weekend sales of $8 million and has grossed well over $100 million to date.

Beyonce's talent has shown no end in sight and her fans are looking forward to see what is yet to come.


Lady Gaga The Talented

Lady Gaga is an American singer with a fashion sense to match her great voice. Her dazzling stage performances have earned her a huge fan following. Over eight million copies of her albums and thirty five million copies of her singles have been sold worldwide.

She was recognized by the famous singer "Akon" when she sung a reference vocal for one of his tracks. She worked with Redone in the studio on her debut album, which produced super hit singles which raised her to fame. Gaga soon went to Los Angeles to complete her debut Album "The Fame", where she merged a lot of genres to create an entirely new type of music.

Lady Gaga's first album "The Fame" was a super hit and sold over 8 million copies all over the world. Lady Gaga's own personal experiences fill the songs as they portray a rich and famous person's life. She says that the album is about "how anyone can feel famous like a celebrity".

Having won a Grammy for best electronic/Dance album at the 52nd Grammy awards, the debut album's success is unquestionable. It stood at the top spot in the UK and Canada charts and also in the Billboard top electronic albums chart. It reached the number 2 spot on the billboard 200.

"The Fame" featured the lead single "Just Dance" which reached the top position in the billboard hot 100 after spending nearly five months just staying in the hot 100. It is the second best selling digital song of all time and has a Grammy nomination in best dance category to its achievements.

Poker face is the other hit single which achieved great success, attaining the top spot in the charts of US, UK and so many other countries. It won the Grammy award for best dance recording category and received Grammy nominations in various categories.

To promote the album, Gaga went on "The Fame Tour" which was highly applauded by fans. The onstage theatrics and Gaga's fashionable costumes added to her voice to make a great environment for the audience.

The second album depicts the other side of the coin of Fame. "The Fame Monster" where the monster refers to the evils of fame, is packed with her experiences as she toured the world as a celebrity following her successful debut.

Gaga's second album features the super hit single "Bad Romance" which Gaga states is about loving your best friend. It stood at number 2 on the billboard top 100 chart. However it reached the summit on the UK singles chart.

"The Monster Ball tour" to promote her latest album is her recent venture. The 2010 Tour is planned to put up a show like never before and is totally planned to be different from the 2009 tour. It is going to be a show that you definitely do not want to miss. Book your Lady Gaga tickets now. Check tour venues and select the nearest one and get your Lady Gaga tix as soon as you can.


Tim Foust Is The Next Great Country Music Artist

If you have not seen the show, certainly you have at least heard of the smash television hit 'American Idol' at some point. Well, Tim foust is definitely the next American Idol, just not in the pop genre. Tim Foust is certain to be the next great country music artist. With his good looks and incredible voice, he can make any woman's knees wobble. If you are a fan of the likes of Trace Adkins, you are going to love Tim Foust. His voice is quite similar, with that heart stopping baritone voice so sweet, you could listen to him reading the phone book and not grow weary of it.

Tim Foust was born in Lubbock, Texas, and enjoyed singing and writing his own Country Music Song Lyrics even as a child. While in school, he studied and played extensive classical music, but even after two years of study at Lamar University, he could not shake that music bug. He made the choice to leave college and join an a cappella group out of Minnesota, who toured all over the US. During their tours, they released an album that included Tim's first original song lyrics. Soon after, he left the a cappella group to join a band out of Boston. While he was with the Boston band, he did over 200 shows around the country each year, and was blessed to share the stage with the likes of Kenny Loggins and Gladys Knight.

Tim Foust now lives in Southern California, where he recently released his own debut album that is now available on tunes. Sure, he's handsome and has an amazing voice, but beyond that, he is likely the only country music artist today that can play the piano with extraordinary flair and with a range of 5 octaves in his voice. Absolutely incredible! Tim's music is extremely well written with love, emotion and a bit of witticism. In his debut album, lyrics like, "The other day, I checked my bank account, and I could swear it was the wrong amount..." and "Hey, kid, open up your eyes and try to see the outside world..." leave the heart and the mind wondering what message there is to be enjoyed inside each and every song written.

With a lifetime of musical experience, as well as life experience all over the country touring with two different bands, Tim Foust has assuredly had his fair share of ups and downs. With his innate talent and beautiful way with words, he is sure to reach out to every heart, soul and even the odd funny bone all around the world. Tim Foust is certainly one to watch, as his debut album is sure to be only the first of many in a long and illustrious career entertaining country music fans around the globe. This is a rare opportunity, so do not miss out on your chance to get Tim Foust's first solo album. It is sure to climb in value as his popularity increases and his soft heart and enchanting voice echoes around the world.


A Rebellious New Age Music Artist Inside The System

Rixa White, an unorthodox artist from the new wave of New Age musicians is the first to promote rebellion over relaxation in this genre, encouraging his listeners to connect with their rebellious part and question the beliefs fearlessly to awaken the inner rebel. His iconic image, a long-haired man in plain white, hiding his face behind a white mask visualizes rebellion against all masks that we wear in life, "One Mask to hide them all". His sensational rebellious music sounds like a revenge against usual soft titles in New Age music and deserves such a new name as "Rebellious New Age".

Listeners are responding more favorably to this new hybrid music that demands their sub-conscious and capture their imagination. But, the question is how dangerious is, asking young listeners with a strong desire toward rebellion to explore new sonic landscapes that promotes rebellion instead of relaxation. Can such a music cause more riots in London or NewYork streets. Many of us have not forgotten the terror and fear on London riot days yet.

Is "What's Real?" album by Silentaria a sensational rebellion or a mystical message?!

Listen to its title track where a sensual breathy female voice says "Nothing is Real" in reply to a robotic mantra questioning "What's Real?". This rebellious music sounds like a revenge against usual soft titles in New Age music.

Many deserted New Age music as its boringness and diluted therapeutic view ruined the epic elemental part of it; however, a new wave of New Age artists is rising from the ashes along with elements of Electronic and Progressive Rock.

This new fusion music is mysterious, sensational and sensual spiritual. It can be called contemporary classical or neo-classical, but I think this new wave deserves such a new name as "Rebellious New Age".

Music stores may continue to put it in "New Age" category, but this aggressive music is definitely not suitable for local health shops anymore. These new artists use computers, synthesizers, samplers and drum machines mixed with natural sounds or sampled acoustic instruments to create complex textures and multi-layered rhythms.

One of the rising stars in this "Rebellious New Age" genre that encourages his listeners to connect with their rebellious part and question the beliefs fearlessly to awaken the inner rebel is Rixa White; the masked man in white behind Silentaria musical project.

As the first New Age artist that promotes rebellion instead of relaxation, he uses his sensual music as a vehicle to encourage doing things outside the rules. He believes persuading a particular constant belief will lead to conformity and obedience.

His fans describe Rixa White music as: a. A conceptual music for people that are self-thought b. Not a gimmick for standard human/sheep that follows the herd c. A great music while drinking wine with a beautiful lady and talking d. A sensual spiritual music that is great to play while watching a fish tank in a dark room

P.S.: Another strange thing about Rixa White, rather than his music is that you cannot find an unmasked photo of him on the net. I searched, but no luck.


Josh Groban: The New Boy Wonder Of Voice

Hailed as the "New Boy Wonder of Voice" by the New York Times, the American classical and pop singer Josh Groban"s (full name Joshua Winslow Groban) rise to stardom has been nothing short of spectacular. Born on February 27, 1981 in Los Angeles, Josh Groban had his first brush with stardom at age 17 when he sang the song "All I Ask of You" for the Grammy-winning producer/arranger David Foster in an inauguration event organized by him for the Governor of California, Grey Davis. Shortly after this, during the 1999 Grammy rehearsals, he was asked by Foster to stand in for Andrea Bocelli to sing the song "The Prayer" with none other than Celine Dion herself.

With his mature and versatile lyrical baritone voice, the young and dashing singing sensation became an instant heartthrob of millions of Americans when his multi-platinum debut album Josh Groban, produced by David Foster, was released in 2001, followed by Closer in 2003 and Awake in 2006. Apart from Foster, Josh has worked in close collaboration with famous musicians like Walter Afanasieff, Italian composer Ennio Morricone, Charlotte Church, The Corrs and Eric Mouquet of Deep Forest. Josh has also composed some of his own songs, like the ballad "Remember When It Rained", while working in close association with Eric Mouquet.

Though Josh had been busy with his singing at various events, he wanted to complete his graduation. But within just one year after joining the Carnegie Mellon University, he had to leave when he was offered a recording contract at Warner Bros. Records through Foster"s own 143Records.

Although trained in classical music and musical theater, his music reflects diverse influences, not fitting into a particular mold. When asked what style suits him the most, Groban"s answer was: "People might want to classify me as operatic I suppose, but I won't even be touching Arias for a long time. I want my voice to mature. I hope to look back on my career five or ten years from now and see that I continued to grow as a singer. I would never want to be pigeonholed." In addition to English, he has sung in Italian, French and Spanish, as well. With inspirational and soul-stirring songs like "To Where You Are" (2001) and "You Raise Me Up", Josh established himself in the classical crossover genre. He has also sung the song "For Always" for the soundtrack of "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" with Lara Fabian and the song "Remember" for the soundtrack of "Troy" with Tanja Tzarovska.

Josh has also appeared in the 2001 season finale of the hit television program Ally McBeal, performing the soulful song "You"re Still You" (from his debut album) at his character's high school prom. The response to this episode was so great that Josh was asked to return to the show and was featured on the holiday episode of Ally McBeal in which he sang "To Where You Are", another track from his new record. Josh also sang "The Prayer" with Charlotte Church at the Closing Ceremony of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Apart from these, Josh Groban has performed in numerous charity events along with the likes of Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Robin Williams and Don Henley. His appearance in various television chat shows like the Rosie O"Donnell Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jay Leno, Larry King Live, 20/20 and The Today Show, among others, further added to his soaring popularity and fan clubs, so much so that his fans have coined a special term "Grobanites" to identify themselves. Long live Josh Groban and long live Grobanites!


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